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We developed an Etsy SEO Help guide. SEO for Etsy sellers fears as i have seen myself. The first three words of your title are the most important for Etsy SEO. Many of them look for etsy seo services, etsy seo consultant and etsy seo expert.


Etsy SEO and the SEO used by most bloggers doesn't have much difference. Once you make changes to your SEO you should check to see if you are ranking for your new keywords. This SEO e-Book is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to improve your SEO within your shop.


Without traffic and views Etsy sellers would never make sales. Etsy SEO isn't really all that different from Google, just there are Tags instead of keywords. For a comprehensive guide to starting and marketing your Etsy shop.


You can add your long tail keywords to your titles using the tips found in my Top 6 Tips for Constructing the Perfect Etsy Title post. The duplicate content will hurt a sellers SEO and the way Pattern is set up there is no way to improve the SEO like you would on a regular website. Here are some Etsy SEO tips to help you get your handmade products in front of as many potential buyers as possible.


One of the big things that we hear from Etsy sellers all the time when they're sitting down to work on their SEO is that it's not always easy to know where to start. They are very much active on social media and use tools like So I think Etsy sellers should focus more on SEO and other forms of marketing. When constructing listing titles that are SEO rich, many Etsy sellers tend to use Marmalead as their tool to identify which keywords they use for the product titles.


Richie Peplin, the co-founder of Marmalead, an Etsy SEO and market research tool , shares with us The Top Five Ways To Get Your Shop Seen On Etsy With SEO! We are happy to introduce this free ebook The complete guide to SEO for Etsy”, to help all the Etsians crack the hard nut of SEO for Etsy shops. Because there is not a lot of room to SEO the Pattern shop and there is no internal search engine to help your items get found like there is on Etsy, all traffic will be from marketing the Etsy seller does on their own.


One common mistake I see with beginning Etsy sellers is that if you use different keywords in your title vs tags, you'll appear in search for even more terms. I agree- it is frustrating to me and thousands of other Etsy sellers who've worked hard to get their SEO right. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Etsy is different to standard website optimization as Etsy uses its own SEO algorithms.


In our next post we'll explore marketing strategies for Etsy sellers which will really get your Etsy business flying.